TLT HOPE offers temporary housing for returning citizens being released from incarceration – After being accepted, each resident providing, he is complying with rules and policies, will have up to 18 months to transition back to society.  While on campus each resident will be responsible for assigned duties and upkeep of the facility and grounds, and other duties.  At this present time, we have the capacity for four and can only house men. In the future it is our desire to house both men and women.



TLT HOPE 8-week Program – The program is a faith-based program to help our residents to get back on their feet to a fresh start. One that will give them a cutting edge in today’s workforce. There is no cost to participate in the program. The only fee is the student’s commitment and dedication to completing the program. Classes are held 2 days a week. The conclusion of the 8-week program culminates with a cap and gown graduation ceremony with each student to receiving certificates of completion from each major course. The cap and gown is provided by TLT H.O.P.E. Courses include are Anger Management, Serv Safe Food Certification, FDIC Financial Budgeting, Basic Computer Skills, Essential Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, Gardening, How to grow your own crops, how to keep a job, job coaching. After graduating from our 8-week course each participant must seek employment. 



TLT HOPE will provide each participant with the job skills necessary to gain and maintain employment. Skills taught will include Resume Writing, Interviewing Skills, Communication Skills, Time Management, Entrepreneurship, Gardening, How to Grow Your Own Crops, How to Keep a Job, Job Coaching, Time management and Dress for Success. 



TLT HOPE will provide biblical study curriculum to all participants. We realize that most spiritual guidance is a necessity to help encourage our participants as they navigate back into society. TLT HOPE is committed to providing a professional team of trained, faith-based mentors for spiritual counseling and connecting them with Pastoral services. 



Family is important. TLT HOPE is committed to helping our residents connect back with their family by providing them classes on reunification, child support, anger management, and dealing with conflict. We will also give referrals to family support services.