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How we started...

Ministering to the formerly incarcerated was conceived in the heart of our Founder, John E. Mickel, Jr. After serving and driving hundreds of miles with the New Creation Christian Fellowship Prison Ministry team, he was troubled that there was not anything to keep men and women from returning to prison. The Lord begin to trouble him about doing something about it. He came up with a plan he and his wife, typed it out and presented it to his leaders and they blessed it. After this, he began to gather like-minded team members to help carry this plan out.

On March 26, 2013, John and Tiffany Mickel, founded Transforming Lives Through H.O.P.E. in their home. Founding members include Pearl Conyers, Carol Lee, Gayle King, Joe Howard, Edwin Gorham and Arthur Sanderson. From this gathering, the TLT H.O.P.E. team emerged and organized a successful outreach program for the formerly incarcerated.

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Our Beginning

TLT HOPE initial class began on the campus of NCCF in Feb 2014 and later transitioned to San Antonio for Christ Rescue Mission located on the Southeast Side of San Antonio, Texas. For three years we ministered to that Facility. In 2017, the Lord opened the windows of heaven and blessed us with ten acres of land located at 1154 Duke Road, San Antonio, Texas 78264 to build our own.

Our Founders

John E. Mickel, Jr. is a military veteran who served honorably in the U.S. Army for 21 years as a Food Service Manager. While in the military he obtained his associates degree in food service management and received high honors in his field of work. After relocating here in San Antonio, Texas in 2003, he started his Catering Business “Mickel’s Country Cooking and Catering Restaurant”. For 8 years John and his wife operated their business serving the military and surrounding communities with great home-cooked country meals until he retired in 2011. While serving his community, his restaurant received many write ups and acknowledgements in the San Antonio Express News. Continuing in his acts of service to his community, he is now serving the formerly incarcerated to help improve their lives.

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