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TLT HOPE will help you transition back to society within 120 days.

TLT H.O.P.E. will provide temporary housing, transportation to public offices to help secure food stamps, necessary identification for employment and driving, pre-employment needs assessment, job leads to 2nd chance employers ready to hire as soon as the next day, referrals to business professionals who can assist you in finding long-term housing, purchasing a vehicle, obtaining health insurance, arranging substance and alcohol abuse counseling, and opening a bank account.
TLT H.O.P.E. will provide transportation for you to meet your parole officer, and, on the days, you must report you must catch the bus. 
TLT H.O.P.E. will provide transportation to the bus stop for you to go to work if you don’t already have a vehicle. Your job will need to be on a bus route.
The Pre-Employment Needs Assessment is where we will assess the needs for the following classes: Budgeting, Entrepreneurship, Resume Writing, How to Dress for Success, Interview Practice, Work Skill Essentials, and Goal Setting. Will coordinate with local organizations and professionals who provide this training on a monthly basis.
After inprocessing, and with the approval of your parole officer, you can begin paid employment in a day-shift position.


We accept those with GPS monitors.


Note: Our program cannot serve individuals with sex offense convictions, or those with mental health disorders, due to insurance requirements.


*** SPECIAL NOTE***   We are not state funded.
You must pay $50 non-refundable start-up fee and 1 month residential fee of $750 before you will receive an acceptance letter from us once we let you know that we will accept you. If you don’t have the funds, seek a sponsor or save the $100 stipend that you are given in prison each month. We will not validate your acceptance with parole without the fees being paid.  (This rule is due to a few taking advantage and failure to pay after we deliver on services). 
Positive attitude to change for the better.
You can only be employed on day shifts through suggested local felon friendly agencies which pays $700-900 weekly. After you move out then you can switch to a different job.
We will only provide transportation to and from bus stop for employment.
You will be required to save 40% of your income to help you meet the goal of self-sufficiency.
You will be randomly drug and alcohol tested to keep our campus drug and alcohol free.
You will undergo search of your belongings going in and out of our dorms when you get off of work.
No sleeping all day on off days. Follow posted schedule.
Non-prescription medications not allowed unless approved by staff.
After you have reached your goals, you can work where you want when you have your own house and transportation. We are here to help you meet your goals so that you don’t follow the same cycles that placed you in jail.

COVID 19 Vaccination Strongly Encouraged to keep everyone safe. Those who don’t have the vaccine will be required to wear their mask and get tested frequently.

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